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Jim Pearce is a investment advisor retired with 30 years of experience in managing the portfolio by investing wealth every day. Leo Boeckl, a tech industry strategist has long and privileged, is the inventor of a property assessment model of technology shares, with an accuracy of the disaster worked. Click the arrow in the box below to listen to the values of the shares of technology to discuss. Innovation + Innogration = integration as convergence so disturbing in the technology sector over the last thirty years and its implications for the next 30 years, was discussed last week. Technology companies, which acknowledged the greatness, would have an impact on the convergence of its industry and therefore responded rewards more fat, while those that have been cancelled or will be soon. The most important factor in the life of one of every technology company, this is what we now call Innogration. The term Innogration is derived from the words innovation and integration and is defined as the dot product of combination (innovation) with a resources in product development to produce improved skills (integration), a superior quality product. Innogration is the key factor in the separation technology of companies that currently very good, but do not make the necessary investments for the development of technology product companies, which can't be fashionable, create new categories, and more are mostly those who eventually wins the category. If the categories of technology, the rewards are extreme. The category is the head and usually one or two other competitors that dominate sales and market share by a significant margin. A category killer are still killer technology actions for maximum performance for their investors. This is a category killer technology company has a Innogration strategy and its tentacles of the strategy of the various categories. Easier said than a leader in the field should be to try to be the category killer. The same Darwinian world of technology, competition is never still. For big technology companies – even the leader of the category-ever-vigilant, that must be maintained its focus on the Innogration. A company of Innogration plan is critical, but it's not the end of the story. Financial statements are the second half of the equation. How is a company with money on one side and debt and administrative income during the quarter, offers Innogration workflows provide the fuel needed to become the category killer. ? When a company like BlackBerry loses its fundamental critical mass, there are a few strategies that may save them. We saw this as a BlackBerry recently announced the rebate, which was at the beginning of the year to sell to the highest bidder. Apple, which had lost in 1990 at the battle of Microsoft PC was the runner-up in this category. But Apple the fuel needed to compete in the Smartphone category, because I had money available for new Innogration plans to invest money. These plans should address the balance of competition, not only for smartphones, but through a process of creative destruction, changed the PC market. PC sales are declining, as users decide to do more e-mail, messaging and browsing through their smartphones and less on the PC have disappeared. Blind spot of mulberry, with their initial advance into ever dominated the category cell phones BlackBerry smartphones. The same spirit of blackBerry as a provider a cell of type of niche business service. You've never seen the Smartphone market, until it was too late to compete effectively. Innogration is crucial as it is, requires effective fuel in place, or the streams of income on the market and recognized Castro BlackBerry. A bit like the blind spot that prevents (above the rim) BlackBerry focusing a driver to see a vehicle next to them, is just up the road directly in front of him, never reach was in danger of falling. At the moment when he realized he had been adopted, it was too much to take. Worse yet, the road began to curve at the front, a different direction. Only hope of winning the race would have been a double as austere and Innograte-engine to replace while the car moves again. Mora says that a single fact related to combating technology company is back with one hand for Innograte. Who are struggling Innograte not only with two hands, but with a little more acquired from other innovators to figure who will win the match is not difficult. We focus only on the person, are winners, and they will. This is where you will find the largest investment income and probably positive in the long term. Next edition: measurement of Innogration actions to review special notice: speaking of BlackBerry (NASDAQ: BBRY), also earlier this month, announced that it was suspending the public auction of quotas due to lack of interest. We cannot say that we are surprised that ten months ago that predicted, so no more value, not the value of your patents singorama pdf and equipment for scrap. We continue to believe that we are not to try to run the BBRY which apparently can buy an oversold. With more than 500 million shares and the value slightly over $ 1 trillion, it is difficult to price action rather than to justify the $ 2 per share. As investors invest a dead cat bounce suggests that the bottom is reached, we believe that actions such as avoiding everyone should. BlackBerry does not pay any dividend and does not have any products in the market leader is losing money at an alarming rate. With many technology stocks healthy to choose form, we believe that you risk your capital in one, overcoming the enormous possibility of survival. In our opinion? BlackBerry at all costs avoid-this is a falling knife, which should land on Earth. Read part 1: technology-a different sector.